168极速赛车精彩开奖直播-168赛车开奖记录-查询开奖历史结果官网-一分钟极速赛车官方开奖结果 Normalizing satellite servicing

By&nbspKaren Kwon

April 2023

Companies in the U.S. and abroad have big plans to extend the lives of existing multimillion-dollar geosynchronous satellites and equip new ones from the start for servicing. Standardization and regulatory bodies are figuring out how to make servicing a normal part of business. Karen Kwon has the story.

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极速赛车一分钟开奖历史记录| Listening for turbulence

By&nbspKeith Button

April 2023

In recent months, airline passengers have been injured by encounters with clear air turbulence that, at the moment, crews have no way to detect. A solution could be at hand through a collaboration between NASA and the National Research Council Canada. Keith Button tells the story.

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